Mackerel Sandwich


Ingredients: mackerel fillets in tomato sauce, multigrain whole wheat bun, pickles, red onion, mayonnaise, harissa (hot sauce), hickory barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese, cilantro

Makrill i Tomatsås (served with grovbröd – dark, dense, grainy bread) is a very popular Swedish comfort food. Although I hate grovbröd, I do keep a few tins of mackerel handy for quick lunches or late-night snacks. The juicy fillets come packed in a thin, salty tomato sauce that hides any fishy-ness. They are excellent with a twist of lemon and fresh-ground black pepper. The taste is pretty similar to canned tuna, but the texture is less crumbly. In fact, eating Swedish mackerel reminds me of eating pulled pork. That was the inspiration for the sandwiches you see here.

First I halved and toasted a multigrain whole wheat bun. I spread a little spicy mayonnaise on the surface, primarily as a sealant to prevent the tomato sauce from soaking the bread. This works because mayonnaise is mostly oil. Neat, huh? Then I arranged some sweet pickles and red onion, followed by the makrill i tomatsås. I drizzled the sandwiches with barbecue sauce, topped them with shredded cheddar cheese, then popped them in the oven for a quick broil.

They looked absolutely mouthwatering, and did not disappoint in taste. The cilantro garnish was the perfect Tex-Mex accent.

(PS – I know this is the 3rd entry using cilantro, but that’s what will happen when I need to use up something perishable that is only sold in large quantities.)

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  1. Tortellini Puttanesca « ghweiss' foodblog Says:

    […] already written about Swedish makrill i tomatsås here. The fish fillets taste pretty much the same as tuna, but with the consistency of pork barbecue. […]

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