Cabbage & Quinoa


Ingredients: cabbage, onion, garlic, mustard oil, Worcestershire sauce, Vegeta, dry vermouth, chili flakes.
Served with: quinoa.

Perhaps not the most colorful entrée, but man was this good. Cabbage is healthy, hearty, cheap, and quick to prepare as well. Fluffy quinoa on the side adds complete protein (all 8 essential amino acids) for a well-balanced and tasty vegetarian meal.

Preparation was simple. I sliced up half a head of cabbage and half an onion, then stir-fried them on high heat in some mustard oil. I like using mustard oil for bitter greens. It adds a nice peppery pungency to which the cabbage stands up admirably. Once the edges of the cabbage and onion began to brown, I added a clove of finely chopped garlic, a big pinch of Vegeta (all-purpose soup & seasoning mix), a splash of dry vermouth, and 3 or 4 shakes of Worcestershire sauce. The latter does contain anchovy, so omit that for a vegan dish.

To finish the cooking of the cabbage, I poured a half cup of water into the saucer and put the lid on quickly to steam it. After a few minutes, it was perfect: tender throughout, but still with a bit of crispness. I sprinkled a few chili flakes on top before serving.

Overcooking is what gives cabbage a bad reputation. Not only does it get mushy, it can also develop a nasty sulfur smell. In fact, the cabbage-eater is likely to develop a few smells of his or her own, if ya know what I mean. So if those are your objections to cabbage, fear not! Just cook it properly and enjoy.

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