Japanese Curry with Mussels


Ingredients: S&B Golden Curry, mussels, potato, carrot, celery, scallion, parsley.

Served with: flatbread.

S&B Golden Curry is a legendary brand of boxed gravy mix, and it utterly defies logic. Nothing should taste this good simply by adding water. It’s thick and smooth, with a mellow “round” curry flavor. This is Japanese curry, a sweeter and gentler interpretation of the Indian original. I’ve never actually ordered curry (“kare”) at a Japanese restaurant, but one of these days I’ll have to forego sushi and give it a try. Well… the chances of that are pretty slim, to be honest. Good thing all that’s required to convert a box of S&G into a delicious meal are a few chopped vegetables. I even decided to get fancy this time and add some New Zealand greenshell mussels.

Preparation was simple, as advertised. I peeled and chopped 2 potatoes, a carrot, and a stalk of celery into bite-size pieces, then added them to boiling water in that order. [If your sense of timing isn’t the best, just cook the potatoes first and set them aside until the carrots and whatever else is ready.]

Next, I turned down the heat, broke up the chocolate bar-shaped curry mix into chunks, and tossed them overboard into the water. The sauce thickened in about a minute, at which point I added the mussels. Those cook way too fast, and get rubbery if you overdo it. I overdid it. Not by too much, thankfully. The dish still came out great, full of curry and seashore flavor, with a gallantly wafting aroma. I ate the curry with chopped scallions and fresh parsley on top, with an oven-warmed flatbread from a local Middle Eastern bakery.

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