Wasabi Tuna Salad


Ingredients: tuna, mayonnaise, celery, wasabi-flavored vegetarian caviar, rice wine vinegar, fermented yellow soybeans, wasabi paste, palm sugar, ginger powder, shallot powder, sesame oil, sesame seeds, salt.

Served with: whole wheat toasted baguette, iceberg lettuce, nectarine.

Isn’t mayonnaise funny? A spoonful of mayo is hideously unappetizing … until you slap it onto or into something. Then it becomes mmmmmmayo. Hits the spot. A can of tuna sprouts wings when mayonnaise is applied.

Anyway, this sandwich was an experiment that turned out really well. I wanted to use up some wasabi-flavored vegetarian caviar (made from seaweed, also used here) and figured it would make for an interesting accent to tuna salad. I remember long ago having excellent chicken salad made with Soy Vay toasted sesame marinade, and decided to try matching that flavor profile.

I created the base for the tuna salad with mayonnaise, rice wine vinegar, palm sugar, ginger powder, shallot powder, sesame oil, and salt. Then I mixed in the wasabi caviar and some whole fermented soybeans. It seemed like a good occasion for the soybeans because I wanted the flavor of soy sauce without the wetness or dark color.

In went the tuna, and some diced celery and sesame seeds for texture. It tasted amazing. I couldn’t wait to get it into sandwich form! The hint of wasabi was so nice that I decided to break out my seldom-used tube of wasabi paste and kick my tuna salad up another notch. I’ll remember this trick in the future.

To frame my sandwich, I toasted a whole wheat baguette. I like my bread surface brown and crusty, but I also want the insides to remain chewy. Therefore: high heat, short oven time. It’s also important to let the bread cool down before the mayonnaise touches it. Mayo is funny like that too.

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  1. KK Says:

    Having you as a personal chef is my number 1 motivation for becoming a multimillionaire.

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